Pure Ayurveda

Pure Ayurveda products from us are generic preparations which serve as generic medicines. Some of our offerings are Mahasudarshan Kadha, Ashwagandharishta Special and Arjunarishta Special. These medicines cater to a wide variety of health and cure needs, and are variably suitable for men, women and infants.


Food Processing Product

Food processing products are the natural ingredients which can be used as an addition to our daily food, to increase its nutrient value and supply necessary vitamins in a natural way. These products such as honey, Amla juice and Tulsi Ark help upkeep the body’s natural functionality and aid immunity against various diseases.


Ethical Product

From the house of Chandrayan Herbals, these Ethical products comprise of a wide variety of capsules, tablets and medicines that help ease out difficulties and health problems arising due to specific organs. Taking care of your liver, bones and helping you achieve that general active pace of your life!


Patented Healthcare Medicines

Patented Healthcare medicines from Chandrayan Herbals are developed specifically to keep diseases in check. This section includes medicines in form of oils, syrups and granules that are beneficial to the heart and cure ailments as cough and diabetes. These medicines ensure that your health is at the top of your well-being and is well cared for and joyfully guarded!


Patented Herbal Cosmetics

Patented Herbal Cosmetics are an effective way to keep skin glowing and attractive, and at the same time, taking care of skin health. Through our product range of herbal cosmetics, this can be achieved very easily with products such as Gulab Jal and Neem Face Wash, and several others which maintain the skin’s freshness in a natural way with the use of herbs.



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