Mahasudarshan Kadha

An ayurvedic and anti-pyretic medicine, used for treatment of all diseases related to fever, of whose the main causes can be one Dosha, two Dosha, and Tridosha or malaria. Improving appetite, it helps preserves the strength of body in fever. It is also useful in the following disorders: indigestion, abdominal heaviness, headache, cough, anaemia, jaundice, and backache. Unblocking the microchannels in the body, it induces sweating and lowers the fever.

Maharasnadi Kadha

A medicine finding wide variety of use in indications such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, low back pain, stroke, paraplegia and degenerative changes of body, it helps to cure the body in a natural way by reducing pain and inflammation, improving functional efficiency of affected parts, strengthening nerves, reducing stiffness of joints, and improving appetite. The most interesting fact about the medicine is that it is safe, even if taken for a long duration, highly reducing the chances of any side effects.


Also known as Amrutarishta or  Amritarishtam, it is a liquid ayurvedic medicine used for treatments of all types of fevers. It is also administered to improve immunity in children and adults, and cures seasonal cough and cold. It contains about 5-8% of self-generated natural alcohol in it, which when combined with the water present in the medicine acts as a means to provide the active herbal components to the body.


An Ayurvedic formulation, formed through fermentation and containing about 5 to 10 per cent of self-generated alcohol, of which the main ingredient is Ashoka, which has anti-arthritis, stimulatory, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and pain relieving properties, and is useful for gynaecological health. The medicine such prepared is used for treatment of gynaecological disorders such as menstrual irregularities, and also for fever, bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids, inflammation, indigestion and lack of taste. The alcohol content acts as a medium for herbal active principles in the body.

Ashwagandharishta Special

Ashwagandharishta Special is an ayurvedic medicine prepared by Ashwagandha as its main ingredient. In addition, it also uses Musali, and Manjishtha, and is administered as a nervine tonic. It finds wide use as a sedative and an alternative used in nervous debility and epilepsy. It is also more effective than Ashwagandharishta, and relieves mental tension and induces natural sleep. It also serves as a health tonic, helping to restore strength after a long-standing disease and improving overall health, and is equally effective for people suffering with depression and mental disorders.

Arjunarishta Special

Arjunarishta, also known as Parthadyarishtam, is an Ayurvedic liquid medicine, useful in treatment of chest injuries, weakness, and as a cure for feeling tired all the time. It is also administered for chronic respiratory diseases, cough, and throat related diseases. Extensively used as herbal cardiac tonic, it is also prescribed by doctors for high total cholesterol and high LDL. It contains up to 12% of self-generated alcohol in it. It is popular in its use as a heart tonic.

Kumari Asav

    An Ayurvedic medicine that regulates bile flow into the intestine, it results in improved digestion. With aloe vera and honey as its main constituents, it is highly useful in indications such as jaundice, hepato-splenomegaly, loss of appetite, oedema, anaemia and chronic constipation, which it cures by its cholagogue action. Relieving obstruction of the bile duct, it corrects the function of liver and gall bladder, and thus eliminates toxins out of the body. It contains iron and other herbs which are essential for proper absorption and assimilation of iron, thus correcting anaemia.


    Abhayarishta, also known as Abhayarishtam, is a ploy herbal formulation, the main ingredient of which is abhaya or haritaki, which has carminative, antispasmodic, carminative, purgative, antiviral, astringent, hypoglycemic, antibacterial, anti-oxidant, laxative and expectorant properties. A fermented herbal formulation, Abhayarishta contains effective phytochemicals and is useful in the following scenarios: flatulence, piles, constipation, fistula, anaemia, loss of appetite, indigestion and worm infestation. Playing an important role is defending against various infections, it calms the inner spasm and manages the condition of flatulence and bloating.


      Dashmulamrita is a more effective and potent form of Dashmularishtarisha, containing properties of additional valuavble herbs like Shatavari, Anant Mool and Ashwagandha. It is good for curing weakness, energy drain and lactation propblems. Some of the indications in which this medication can be administered are: anaemia, back pain, general debility, neck pain, pre and post natal care and women’s health. It is also effective equally for good bone and joint health. In addition, this Ayurvedic medicine is also beneficial for improving digestion.


      An Ayurvedic medicine, which is primarily used for cure of anaemia, lohamrita provides the body with the necessary iron content in the blood. It is useful in the following indications and is administered for the same:

      It corrects digestion & metabolism

      Tones up efficiency & health of tissues

      Checks over fatigue.

      Blood purifier, wound healer.

      Prevents complication & tones functions of kidney, eyes & nerves.

      While taking this medicine, it advisable to avoid sweets and food products containing refined carbohydrates, glucose and sugar, and focus on coarse cereals, green vegetables and fibre rich diet.


        Also known as Lodhrasavm, it is a liquid Ayurvedic medicine used to cure gynecological ailments and anaemia. It also aids in the cure of obesity. It is highly regarded as a female tonic which is helpful in the following ways:

        Treatment of almost all kinds of gynecological diseases

        Curing of menstrual disorders

        Improving digestion

        Acting as a good detoxifier, it helps cleanse the blood by removing toxins from it.

        Apart from this, it also helps in cure of leucorrhoea and skin diseases.


        Chandanasav is an Ayurvedic medicine for strength and digestion. The main ingredient used in this medicine is Chandan, which means sandalwood. Being an Ayurvedic wine preparation, it contains from 5 to 10% of self-generated alcohol. Being a natural cardiac toner, it improves digestion power and relieves the body of excess heat.

        The main uses of the medicine are in treatment of nightfall and spermatorrhoea, improving immunity and nourishment, and to cure burning micturition.


          Using triphala as the main ingredient, this Ayurvedic medicine constitutes of the properties of the “three fruits”. The main qualities of the same are prevention of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, opiates, stomach disorders and obesity. Destroying about 20 types of gonorrhea, typhoid fever and swelling, it helps keep the body healthy and fit. It is also beneficial for the bones, teeth and hair. Equally effective in increasing anti-oxidants, it is also helpful in reducing cancer tumors.


          Also known as Draksharishta or Draksharishtam, it is a herbal medicine used primarily in the treatment of respiratory and intestinal diseases. The main ingredient of this formulation is dry grapes or raisins. As it is increases intestinal power, it also cleans them. It can be used for a variety of indications as:

          Weak digestion, asthma, cough, dyspnea, chest injuries, lung disorders, lack of strength and throat diseases. It also treats hyperacidity and lessens the symptoms of gastritis like heartburn, nausea, vomiting and headache.


            Panchamrita is a mixture of five different ingredients, namely honey, liquid jaggery, milk, curd and ghee. Upon limited consumption, it keeps the body and mind regulated and free from ailments. It is believed that with regular consumption, the person becomes free and invulnerable to all types of diseases. Although, it has many advantages, it should be taken only in a limited amount as overdose is not advised.


            An Ayurvedic medicine, especially for infants, which tones up metabolism and protects infants from digestive complaints like flatulence, colic diarrhea, vomiting and worms.

            It is a poly herbal medicine and contains up to 9.5% of self-generated alcohol. The main ingredients of this medicine are Adulsa and Brahmi. It works as a general cure for stomach related problems in infants and is administered for improving appetite and curing weak digestion.

            Sitopaladi Churna

              Sitopaladi churna is an Ayurvedic medicine that uses sugar as its main ingredient. It is equally beneficial for kids and is known to cure cough if taken with honey at sleeping time. It is beneficial in symptoms such as cough, cold and bleeding in nose. It is also used to cure respiratory diseases. It helps in the treatment of burning sensation of palms and feet, low digestion power, loss of sensation in tongue and pain in abdomen.

              As it contains about half amount as sugar, it is not ideal for people with high diabetes.

              Triphala Churna

              Triphala churna is an ayurvedic powder beneficial in a number of issues ranging from weight loss to diabetes.  Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, it is also useful for treating arthritis and reducing inflammation. Not only this, but it can also aid the human health in the following ways:

              Curing digestive problems

              Acting as a detoxifier

              Improving blood circulation and bosting immunity, thus curing anaemia

              Removing excess fat and curing obesity

              Helping to cure diabetes and hormonal imbalances

              Relieving bone and joint pain and preventing cancer

              Panchaskar Churna

                It is an Ayurvedic medicine in a herbal powder form, which is highly effective for treating constipation. The main ingredients are five different constituents including rock salt. It can be taken for the following indications:


                Abdominal pain


                Loss of appetite

                Rheumatoid arthritis

                Some precautionary measures to be taken are prevention of over dose, and regulated consumption in people suffering from high BP.



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